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Charde Vera

She Is Book and Fun Patch

She Is Book and Fun Patch

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Discover a collection of imaginative poems that dares you to achieve your dreams.

Co-illustrated by nine-year-old, Nayomi Montes, this wonderful children’s book inspires kids of all ages to embrace their self-worth through the power of affirmations. Drawing on a collection of imaginative poems, this unforgettable book will take you on a journey to self-love, encouraging kids and parents alike to believe, trust, value and unconditionally love themselves.

In a time when so many children struggle with feelings of inadequacy and doubt, She Is shines a beautiful light on their true value, helping kids realize that they’re brave, strong, beautiful and so much more, filling them with the belief and support they need to dare to achieve their dreams and champion their self-worth.

Great for any parent who wants to fill their child with positivity and confidence, this deeply memorable collection of poems prompts readers to reflect on themselves and embrace the qualities that make them great, making it an invaluable addition to your bookshelf that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

Are you ready to champion your child’s self-worth? Then scroll up and buy now!

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