Do you want to you fill your child with the knowledge that they are special?

Do you want to enable your child to see the beauty in others?

This book helps with both these questions. This wonderful picture book can be read to little kids and lets elementary aged kids understand the meaning of words important for daily empowerment – Honesty, Courage, Gratitude and more…

Often you see boys wanting to simply be like others but not understand what it takes, or it means. This book breaks down the qualities within every child while explaining how every child can imbibe them or express them.

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Discover a collection of imaginative poems that dares you to achieve your dreams.

Co-illustrated by nine-year-old, Nayomi Montes, this wonderful children’s book inspires kids of all ages to embrace their self-worth through the power of affirmations. Drawing on a collection of imaginative poems, this unforgettable book will take you on a journey to self-love, encouraging kids and parents alike to believe, trust, value and unconditionally love themselves.

In a time when so many children struggle with feelings of inadequacy and doubt, She Is shines a beautiful light on their true value, helping kids realize that they’re brave, strong, beautiful and so much more, filling them with the belief and support they need to dare to achieve their dreams and champion their self-worth.

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