Co-illustrated by nine-year old, Nayomi Montes, this wonderful children’s book inspires kids of all ages to embrace their self-worth through the power of affirmations. Drawing on a collection of imaginative poems, this unforgettable book will take you on a journey to self-love, encouraging kids and parents alike to believe, trust, value and unconditionally love themselves.

ABOUT charde vera

Growing up, Charde Vera struggled with low self-esteem, which meant that she could not create many friends or interact with many people. Consequently, she formed friendship with the pen when she was 5 years old, and poured her thoughts freely in journals that she has kept safely to date. As Charde battled from within, she realized many people were struggling with self-esteem issues – an awakening that inspired her resolve to help people out of such battles through her writing.

While Charde initially wrote as a way of spending time with her thoughts, writing launched her into an incredible journey of self-discovery that saw her gain confidence in herself and serve her nation diligently in the U.S. Navy. Charde’s published literary works include a guided journal, I Am, through which she provides women and children with a platform to express self-love and reasons why they love themselves. She has also written a book titled She Is, which her daughter, Nayomi, co-illustrated.


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