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Charde Vera

Bundle of 3

Bundle of 3

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Unlock the power of positive affirmations with this inspiring bundle of three children's books: We Are, She Is, and He Is. Each book in this collection is designed to nurture confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging in young readers.

Book 1 - WE ARE Embark on a journey of confidence and unity with We Are. This captivating book teaches children to celebrate their unique strengths and embrace their individuality through powerful "We Are" affirmations. It highlights the importance of building a supportive community where everyone feels seen, valued, and empowered.

Book 2 - SHE IS Dive into a collection of imaginative poems with She Is. Co-illustrated by nine-year-old Nayomi Montes, this enchanting book encourages self-love and belief. Through affirmations, children learn to value themselves and dream big, filling them with the confidence to achieve their goals and champion their self-worth.

Book 3 - HE IS Discover the special qualities within every child with He Is. This delightful picture book explains the importance of traits like honesty, courage, and gratitude. It helps boys understand and express their inner strengths, empowering them to be their best selves and see the beauty in others.

Together, these books create a powerful toolkit for fostering self-belief, resilience, and a positive mindset in children, making them a perfect addition to any child's library.

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